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Okoa is a cloud based software platform that is used simultaneously by all stakeholders in health sector who are Health Facilities, Government Medical Stores (MSD), Ministry Of Health, District/Municipal/City Councils and Ordinary Citizens each one accessing data relevant to him. This system curbs medicines theft in public health facilities so that those medicines that are purchased by our tax money can reach the intended people and hence save their lives, saving health service costs, saving their time in queues and saving our tax money that are spent in purchasing medicines of which other medicines ends in being stolen by few corrupt officials/workers for their own benefit

Okoa helps ordinary citizens to know which health facilities have got medicines in their area so that he/she can go with confidence of getting medicines, also Okoa notifies the citizens how congested the health facilities are so that the patient can decide to go to the less congested facility as well as the one with medicines available.

Okoa has been developed by Mr. Bukhary Kibonajoro and is owned by the startup software company he founded in 2015 known as StraightBook Limited headquartered in Dar es salaam but with one branch in Kigoma.
In 2015, Mr. Bukhary Kibonajoro was shortlisted among 12 top engineering innovators in Africa by world renowned UK's top Engineering Institution known as Royal Academy of Engineering for its African continent top engineering prize known as Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation for his role on development of life saving technology Okoa.
Also in 2017, Mr. Bukhary Kibonajoro won the United States Funded Challenge known as Data For Local Impact Innovation Challenge which is Funded by PEPFAR(The United States President's Emergency Plan For Aids Relief) and MCC (Millenium Challenge Corporation) and is run by Dar Teknohama Business Incubator under Tanzania Commission For Science and Technology (COSTECH) through Data Collaboratives for Local Impact.

Okoa is implemented and used in Kigoma Ujiji Municipal Council funded by United States Government through PEPFAR and MCC in 2017 and the plan is to be used in all district/municipal/city councils in Tanzania very soon so that we can overcome serious challenges in Health sector.